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Bertus van de Poll

“At Intus on the work floor, we are always there for each other”.

Nothing beats a job where you really feel at home. But how do you do that? Bertus van de Poll has been working as a developer at Intus for ten years and he is still very satisfied. Why? “For me it really is a combination of the work itself and the atmosphere on the work floor.”

Hi Bertus, what exactly do you do for work?

I am lead developer in the Intus development team. We work with InPlanning, a system that our customers use to arrange their personnel planning. As a developer within the development team, I make the core product, the basic functionality.

How did you end up at Intus?

I came across Intus when I found out on LinkedIn while searching for a new job that a friend of mine had a connection with the current CEO of Intus. They appeared to have had a good collaboration. That prompted me to apply!

I see you have been with Intus for almost ten years. What do you like about Intus as an employer?

What I like most about working at Intus is that it really feels like we are one team, even though we work in separate teams. We all work together on one product and are always there for each other. At our workplace you can always ask someone for help or advice. This is true also outside your own team, so, in my case, also outside the development department. I also find my work very interesting in terms of content. I am always working on developing new functionalities and that is always a puzzle that needs to be solved. The idea that I'm making something that will be used by 160,000 users of InPlanning gives me a energy.

And what is the atmosphere on the work floor like?

It's very fun and spontaneous! The reason I like my work so much is really a combination of the work itself and the atmosphere. For example, a colleague recently suggested a 'Shorts and ice cream day' because of the heat, so we were in shorts at the office. Those kinds of things make working at Intus a lot of fun!

What does an average working day look like?

We start at 9:00 along with a short alignment. Then I'll get to work! I build new functionality, perform technical maintenance or fix a bug. At the moment I am building a grid generator. With the help of smart algorithms, it can put together a perfect duty scheduling for a group of people. I actually always do those kinds of tasks in the office, I rarely go to clients.

What do you think is typical Intus?

Intus is very pragmatic: is one of our working methods no longer working properly, or can it be done more efficiently? Then we look together at how we can improve that. Two years ago, for example, we only had one development team, but that became too large due to the number of developers. The question then was: how are we going to organize this differently? We finally decided to split the development team into two teams based on certain functionality. But other divisions were also possible as we were discussing in some brainstorming sessions.This is the very characteristic of Intus: all good ideas are welcome!

What makes you proud of your work?

I am most proud of my work when we get good feedback from the end users at the end of the whole process. If they are satisfied, that gives satisfaction. That's why I do it all in the end!

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